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Peerfit Digital Offerings

Peerfit is a digital health platform that allows users to book fitness classes and purchase memberships at studios and gyms using credits provided by their employers.


As the world changed with COVID 19, many businesses had to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape including Peerfit. Studios and gyms were closing and our users were still wanting to keep up their fitness routines.

This project focused on highlighting our current digital offerings and making them more easily accessible on the website and native apps.

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Platform: Desktop Web, iOS App, Android App

Role: Lead Product Designer

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The Problem

Peerfit did offer some digital subscription options with two streaming/on-demand video partners. Although these options were on the homepage, they were at the bottom and were only accessible from either this page or from a banner on the Explore page.

Additionally, in response to COVID 19, a lot of gyms and studios pivoted to offer live stream classes in place of in-person classes. The classes were available on our website but were very difficult to find because our search feature required users to enter a specific location to get results. There was also no way to filter for "Digital" only options. Therefore, a user would not be able to see a complete list of all the studios, regardless of location, offering live stream classes.

Process & MVP

As a quick way to inform users of these studios, the marketing team had released a blog post with a list of studios offering live stream classes. This gave my team time to figure out the best way to highlight all our digital offerings on the website and apps.

The objective was to find the fastest solution we could implement for MVP so we could increase credit spend with these live-streaming classes. I started by wireframing the ideal experience we wanted to achieve then I created a few MVP options that would be the first step towards the ideal experience. Next, I held a meeting with the development team to talk through the options and brainstorm ideas.

For MVP, we landed on moving the digital subscriptions to the top of the homepage and adding a card to showcase the live stream digital classes. This card then linked to the marketing blog. This was the fastest path for highlighting our digital offerings on the website.


While the development team was implementing the MVP version I worked on mocking up the next iterations to improve the experience. I shared mocks with stakeholders and the design team to gather feedback. I consolidated the feedback, made adjustments, and met with the development team to understand the level of effort that would be needed to get to a point where we would be able to streamline things.


The next iteration involved adding a "Streaming" nav link to the header navigation that would link to the streaming landing page. On the landing page, I highlighted the live stream classes option at the top of the page because individual reservations for these classes would increase credit spend more than the two digital subscriptions that were both 6 credits each per month.


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If a user clicked on the "View Studios" button on the streaming page, they were directed to a page with all the studios that offered live-stream classes. This studio page with live stream classes allows users to filter by fitness activity. The screenshots shown here are from the website and show the final implementation.


For the apps, we added "Streaming" as a tab to the app navigation that linked to a streaming landing page much like the page on the website. The user could then click from the streaming page to go to the live stream studio page. 

Last, I added a section at the top of the homepage highlighting specific studios with live stream classes.

There were more iterations I mapped out to improve the experience, however, we put these on hold as we continued to pivot in the COVID 19 landscape.

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