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Drizly App Redesign

In March 2017, the UX/UI design on the Android and iOS apps for Drizly were drastically different from one another. These differences resulted in a variety of platform-specific usability issues and created feature parity issues. This redesign project aimed to align the apps with mobile web in order to create a coherent user experience and visual style across all platforms.

Role: UX/UI Designer and UX Researcher

Platform: Native Apps

Skills: Competitive research, facilitating whiteboarding sessions, user testing, wireframing, and UI design

appredesigndrz copy.png

Old App Design from 2017

Audit & Research

To start this project, I conducted an audit of the current iOS and Android apps to identify areas of inconsistency and areas in need of UX improvements. Then, I documented all the current screens in both apps and compared them with the web experience as well. 


Next, I conducted competitive research. I evaluated ten e-commerce apps to determine what common UX patterns were beginning to be used as well as identified what we could do better in our app to improve the experience. Included in my research, I reviewed the design guidelines provided by Google and Apple for app design.

Android Cart Flows.png

Site Map & Prototype

After the research phase, I created a sitemap and navigation flows to share with the designers and the developers to gather feedback. After receiving feedback from the team, I went into the next phase and created wireframes for them to review. I followed this up by creating high fidelity prototypes for each app.

regular-ad copy.png

User Testing &

Final Documentation 

The next phase was developing a usability test plan and script to test out the new app design. Together with the design team, we conducted eight usability tests with users to locate any pain points within this new app experience.


After analyzing the results from user testing with the design team, I made final changes to the prototypes for each app and created detailed documentation for the developers.

App Release

The iOS app was released in phases due to the redesign architecture and navigation being very similar to the current app design. The first release was in November 2017 and the second release was in February 2018. The full redesign for the Android app was released in May 2018.


During this year-long redesign process, I collaborated with the developers in the iterations and revisions of mocks as the product evolved with new features. I also collaborated on the QAing of all builds for both iOS and Android. I had the pleasure of working with a very talented team of developers and am very proud of the final results.


New App Design

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