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Gift Cards (Wayfair)

The ability to purchase gift cards was available on the Wayfair website and the business wanted to add "Gift Card" purchasing ability into the Wayfair Android and iOS app for parity with the web experience.

Platform: Native Apps

Role: UX Designer

Skills: Competitive analysis, wireframes,  Invision and Sketch

Gift Cads Page

Screenshot of the single page experience on the website


I conducted competitive research and found that most sites offered gift cards as individual products with their own product detail pages. Other competitor sites provided a two-step process that involved selecting a gift card design then filling out the forms to send it. All of the sites I researched allowed users to select the card design first.


On Wayfair mobile web, the steps for buying a gift card were condensed to a single page with the form fields at the top and all the card design options below. I looked at customer data for the gift card page on mobile web and discovered that around 42% of our users were changing the preselected card design to a different design.


Final Direction

Using the Wayfair data and what I found in competitive research I decided to make the card selection the first step in-app flow. I moved the card design selection to the top of the page and only showed the default card design. This allows users (roughly 58%) who are not interested in changing the card design to quickly add a gift card to cart with little friction. For our users who are interested in changing the gift card design, there's a "Change Card Design" link that will take users to another page to select from all the different design options we offer.


In addition to these changes, I removed the "Email" form field from the flow because users are required to log in to purchase on Wayfair so we already have their email address. I also reorganized the form fields to closely align with the order I saw on other competitor sites.

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