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Idea Boards Sharing

The Idea Board feature on Wayfair allows users to save and add items to boards so the user can view items together when shopping for a room. Users can also share their board with other people to collaborate and add items or comment on the items added. On the iPhone app, we found that less than 1% of users were sharing their Idea Boards and the hypothesis was if we increased sharing it would increase conversion of product saved in Idea Boards. We also saw the opportunity to add something fun to the app to delight our users.

Platform: Native Apps

Role: UX Designer

Skills: Competitive analysis, user testing, wireframing, prototyping, collaboration

idea baord sharing


The project began with a kick-off that included project managers, engineers, and CX. The requirements for the new feature involved allowing users to access this feature from the share icon and providing users the ability to select any image from their idea board to customize by adding a sticker. Talking with the visual designer on the project, there was some concern that stickers would be off-brand. We then decided to create "sticker frames" that would maintain brand coherency.  After sketching out some ideas I developed three approaches and collaborated with the visual designer to create prototypes for user testing.


V1 -  brought the user directly into the sticker experience after tapping the share icon


V2 -  brought the user to a page where they were given the option  to quickly share a link or customize their board to share

V3 - was the same as V2 but it included a preview of what the user could do on the customize page

Final Direction

The results from user testing showed that most users did not expect to land straight into the sharing experience in V1. However, users understood what they could do on the customize page and were more likely to interact with the "sticker frames" than in V2 and V3.


After evaluating the results and business requirements it was decided that tapping the share icon would take the user directly into the sharing experience to get users to interact with this new feature.

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