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View In Room

View in Room is an augmented reality feature that allows users to view furniture in their homes through their smartphone cameras. The objective was to provide users a way to preview products in their space to help them make better buying decisions.

Platform: Native Apps

Role: UX Designer

Skills: Competitive analysis, wireframes, user testing, Invision and Sketch

View In Room Page

Competitive Research

I started with competitive research and found that half the apps that had a similar feature provided users a way to measure products within their space while others were more about aesthetics. We decided for MVP to make "View in Room" a tool for aesthetic purposes only and to test it with our users before building the feature out further.

First Version

The first version of "View in Room" was simple and included a button below the product image on PDP, which would launch the user into the camera view with the product image superimposed on the screen. The user could then pinch and zoom to resize the product within the space and/or adjust the amount of white background shown in the product image by adjusting the slider.


After the user took a picture they were given the option to save or share the image. Prior to launching this version, our team decided to remove the slider as it caused a great deal of confusion in our reviews with stakeholders which meant our users would most likely be confused as well. We then launched this MVP version and spent 3-4 weeks testing and gathering data.



In the user tests we conducted, we found that most users did not pinch and zoom. However, our analytics showed that nearly half the users that tapped into the "View in Room" feature were pinching and zooming. We also found that no one understood what the share icon meant nor where they were saving their image to once they hit the "Save" button.


MVP Version

With insights from user testing, I decided to change the share icon to the text "Share." For the next iteration, we plan to explore tooltips for pinch and zoom. We are also gathering more data and observing users interacting with the feature to gain further insights for phase two of "View in Room" that will launch in early spring.

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